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raised bed garden

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Garden Location: Columbus, OH
Garden Size: 17' 11" x 25' 11"
Garden Type: -
Garden Layout: -
Sun or Shade: -
Garden Soil Type: -

Plan Notes

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Plant List

 PlantNumberSpacingSpacing in RowsNotes
Arugula 75"3" x 7"direct sow seeds
Basil 27"5" x 9"start with seeds or plant
Carrot 213"3" x 5"direct sow seeds
Chili Pepper 31' 1"11" x 1' 3"You can choose any variety you like here
Cilantro 57"5" x 9"direct sow seeds; consider getting the Slo-Bolt variety of seeds. This variety will last a little longer in the heat.
Kale 41' 3"1' 1" x 1' 5"direct sow seeds; you can get any variety. Lacinato (dinosaur kale) is my personal fav!
Lettuce (Leaf) 123"3" x 5"you can get any variety of seed for this. I love the mixed leaf lettuce mixes for a good salad variety.
Marigold 37"7" x 7"These you can start with seeds or plants, I prefer plants to give them a good headstart
Nasturtium 211"11" x 11"same as above notes from marigolds
Oregano 17"5" x 9"start with a plant
Peas 133"3" x 7"you can direct sow these seeds for this and choose any variety. I like sugar snap the best! Snow peas are good too. Just select a variety that climbs (most peas do). Plant as early as possible since you'll be planting tomatoes after these.
Potatoes (Early) 41' 3"1' 1" x 1' 7"You can get seed potatoes for this. I've had success with seed potatoes from City Folks Farm Shop. Oakland is a good source too. Fingerling or red skin potatoes are a great choice
Rosemary 17"7" x 7"start with a plant
Scallions 83"3" x 3"start with seeds
Spinach 47"7" x 11"start with seeds; plant as early as you can, spinach needs cool weather to mature. You can plant the seeds as soon as the soil is workable
Thyme 111"11" x 1' 3"start with a plant
Tomato (Large) 11' 7"1' 5" x 1' 11"I would start these with plants vs seeds. Especially since you aren't planting them until your peas are done. This will give them a good head start. Choose any variety you'd like.
Tomato (Small) 11' 7"1' 5" x 1' 11"same as above tomato comment

Planting Times

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