Plan and Organize Your Vegetable Garden

The Garden Planner makes it easy to draw out your garden, add plants and move
them around to get the perfect layout. Any shape of garden can be created and
you can even add raised beds, compost bins, row covers, greenhouses,
chicken runs, drip irrigation and many other features.

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Vegetable Gardening Layout apps
Produce the Perfect Garden Plan

The Garden Planner has detailed growing information for over 250 vegetables,
herbs, flowers and fruit. It calculates how many plants will fit into each
area, so you can order the right number of seeds or plants.

Companion planting, crop rotation and succession sowing features make it
simple for you to get the most from your growing area.

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Vegetable Garden Design Apps

Adapts to Your Location

The Garden Planner uses data from thousands of weather stations to produce
the perfect planting schedule for your local area. It can even send you
personalized planting reminders by email to keep you on track all season.

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Location Specific planting dates
Garden Journal App

Learn from Your Garden

The Garden Journal helps you plan essential tasks and record your gardening
progress throughout the year using your phone, tablet or computer. With our
unique local weather and pest information, you can stay one step ahead of
problems and keep your plants healthy and productive.

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Vegetable Garden Journal Software

Gardening Tips & Advice

Whether you need advice on the best layout for your garden, what
to grow next or how to protect your plants from diseases, with hundreds
of in-depth articles and videos there's no better place
to receive the support you need.

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Gardening Advice and Tips