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1. Attempt #1 (2014)

Barriere, BC
15' x 23' (4m x 7m)
We have designed a garden with a mix of square foot gardening and some flat pallets for our lettuces :)

2. gidgets garden (2014)

8' x 23' (2m x 7m)
Gidgets garden

3. Susan's Garden (2014)

Matt and Susan's garden
37' x 35' (11m x 10m)
This garden is at the bottom of a glacial valley at latitute 64 degrees. This plan was designed by Cindee Karns, AlaskanEcoEscape Permaculture Center

4. Micro Farm Double Low Fence (2014)

Newburgh NY
49' x 41' (15m x 12m)
Double fence idea

5. Raod Side of Garden (2014)

Road Side
49' x 19' (15m x 6m)
More veggies

6. Home Away From Home Academy (2014)

Aberdeen NJ
40' x 15' (12m x 4m)
School Garden

7. Harmon Grill Area (2014)

69' x 59' (21m x 18m)
Grill Garden

8. Orchard (2014)

74' x 19' (22m x 6m)

9. Hoop House (2014)

Hoops House Gathering Garden Draft 2
19' x 39' (6m x 12m)
Here is what we have come up with for the Hoop House growing thoughout the summer. We invite your comments and ideas. We have trelis plans for the cucumbers. We thought the indeterminant tomatos on the end of the beds could be strung up for vertical growing. If anyone has starts in their home greenhouse that could be contributed for this plan, please send info about what you have and how how many you can contribute. Korrine and Jess

10. Branson (2014)
3' x 9' (1m x 3m)
veg garden

11. PledgerHerbs (2014)

9' x 3' (2m x 1m)
Herb Garden

12. 10x20 Garden Plot (2014)

Medford, OR
19' x 9' (6m x 3m)
First time gardener's plan in Southern Oregon. We will see what grows!

13. kitchen garden (2014)

Sunshine Coast Australia
36' x 16' (11m x 5m)
First attempt at vege plot plan

14. Front Yard Garden (2014)

Chicago, IL
24' x 7' (7m x 2m)
My summer garden

15. garden (2014)

Perr, Iowa
11' x 24' (3m x 7m)

16. Carrot Roof (2014)

Carrot Common Roof SW bed
29' x 29' (9m x 9m)
Roof top garden edible pollinator garden

17. Mama's house. (2014)

North Central Indiana
49' x 60' (15m x 18m)
Vegetable garden. Trying the 3 sisters design and lot's of new things for us!

18. Sustainable Aquidneck Plot (2014)

Aquidneck Island
3' x 29' (1m x 9m)
Brown Box's indicate trellis's/support to help the plants grow vertically.

19. Tiara's Garden (2014)

19' x 7' (6m x 2m)
Tiara's Garden

20. Hope (2014)

Moore Farm 1.1
29' x 42' (9m x 13m)
First attempt at a garden

21. Backyard (2014)

My Back Yard
3' x 15' (1m x 4m)
This is my first attempt at SFG and Gardening in raised beds. Hopefully it'll work out!

22. garden (2014)

Nice, CA
31' x 47' (9m x 14m)
Our summer vegetables.

23. Backyard Garden - Test 1 (2014)

Deana's house
19' x 22' (5m x 7m)
Test plan 1 of my garden.

24. Sokolic Herb Garden (2014)

Spokane, MO
49' x 29' (15m x 9m)
My Herb Garden Missouri State University AGP 303

25. Vegetable Garden - Caitlin Simpson (2014)

Urbana, MO
43' x 19' (13m x 6m)
SW Missouri vegetable garden on well-drained, level soil.