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1. Veggie Garden 1 (2014)

NSW Australia
22' x 39' (7m x 12m)
Vegetable Garden - Snowy Mountains Peas, Beans and Strawberries planted in sepate areas

2. Troy's Garden (2015)

Waxahachie, TX
50' x 23' (15m x 7m)
My 2015 Garden Plan

3. Blueberies (2014)

Montford, Va
19' x 19' (6m x 6m)

4. Carmel School (2014)

50' x 39' (15m x 12m)

5. Vegetable Garden (2015)

My Home
40' x 40' (12m x 12m)
This is the preliminary layout for the garden. Mostly its just to get the dimensions and plant counts.

6. Walled garden allotment 1 (2014)

60' x 29' (18m x 9m)
Done with the Garden Plan Pro App, our allotment showing our fall garden...Pumpkins still in as they are still growing, Broad beans, new onion sets , Bright Lights Chard and turnips all to be sown at the weekend.

7. Tauzin Fall (2014)

Jackson, MS
24' x 12' (7m x 3m)
Backyard Rasied Beds

8. FALL GARNDEN (2014)

2014 garden
35' x 30' (10m x 9m)
2014 garden plan

9. CVG F14 Plots 35-39 (2014)

21' x 27' (6m x 8m)
The Childrens Vegetable Garden Program at the San Antonio Botanical Garden is an opportunity for children to grow their own vegetables and ornamental plants with the help of instructors from the Texas A&M AgriLIFE Extension Service and Bexar County Master Gardeners, as well as other volunteer organizations. Each child is allotted a 3.5x28 garden plot. Children will have fun growing different types of seeds, vegetables, and ornamental annual flowers. Children can also earn their Junior Master Gardener certification by participating in fun, hands-on activities each week after they have tended their garden. In order to gain the most from the learning experience and to help ensure successful growing, participants are required to attend all sessions (two absences are allowed). Families are welcome to share the gardening experience with their child. A parent or guardian must stay with their child.

10. Allotment 1 (2014)

90' x 13' (27m x 4m)
Draft Allotment Plan 2014

11. Smith Garden (2015)

Spokane Valley, Washington
9' x 3' (3m x 1m)
2015 Garden Plan

12. Mel (2014)

South Africa Johannesburg
26' x 32' (8m x 10m)
veggie garden

13. KG1F (2014)

52' x 91' (16m x 28m)

14. Lower garden (2014)

Lower Garden
59' x 39' (18m x 12m)
Preliminary draft layout of structures

15. Cromwell (2014)

29' x 17' (9m x 5m)

16. Foro FAO (2014)

72' x 16' (22m x 5m)
Foro FAO

17. Vegetables for Peace (2014)

Kadampa Meditation Center World Peace Garden
39' x 39' (12m x 12m)
This is the vegetable/herb portion of our 1.75 acre World Peace Garden. The garden is designed to grow herbs and vegetables for use in our World Peace Cafe, to feed our staff and volunteers, and to inspire menus for our community meditation/dinner party program, Food for Thought. The work of creating and caring for this garden fosters peaceful and friendly interactions with our neighbors in the beautiful Chinquapin Park Community neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland.

18. The First Autumn/Winter/Spring (2015)

Spital Farm Allotments, Banbury, Oxon.
17' x 44' (5m x 13m)
This is the plan for going through the winter... spacings approximate - any unplanted soil will be sown with a green manure. The fruit bushes in the top right corner are actiually rosa rugosa. Paths are a work in progress - added to when I skip dive for old bricks!

19. Silverman (2014)

34' x 20' (10m x 6m)

20. Lankton (2014)

34' x 15' (10m x 4m)

21. Spring/Summer (2014)

Gawler South Australia
18' x 32' (5m x 9m)
The revised Spring/Summer garden using square foot planting.

22. Crop Rotation Spring (2014)

59' x 34' (18m x 10m)
Kitchen garden

23. Brown (2014)

7' x 25' (2m x 7m)
Brown's Vegetable Garden Spring '15

24. Northern Liberties (2015)

953 Nth 6th St
17' x 10' (5m x 3m)
Small backyard garden, around a concrete patio

25. Franks Garden (2014)

45' x 50' (13m x 15m)
Franks 2014