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1. Gran's Garden (2015)

Midland, NC
31' x 67' (9m x 20m)
Playing around with the Almanac Garden Planner and my idea of creating small raised beds using scrap wood I already have cut to size...

2. Tony Z (2015)

Scotch Hill Farm 10x10
13' x 13' (4m x 4m)
Tony Z

3. back garden (2015)

25' x 31' (7m x 9m)
an idea of how i am planning on planting my new garden

4. Muro Dr. José García (2015)

Dr. José Garcia
16' x 6' (5m x 2m)
Muro comestible

5. Liz - Rory & Pip (2015)

Scotch Hill Farm 10 x 10
13' x 13' (4m x 4m)
Liz Rory & Pip

6. Flora & Marion- DM (2015)

Scotch Hill Farm 10 x 10
13' x 13' (4m x 4m)
Flora & Marion

7. Ginny's Garden (2015)

22' x 15' (7m x 4m)

8. H&H Acres (2015)

H&H Acres Garden
53' x 53' (16m x 16m)
This year we are taking a new look on growing a garden

9. Kenton NEW (2015)

21' x 23' (6m x 7m)

10. Permacultura (2015)

Permaculture 2015
45' x 35' (13m x 10m)
Project Permaculture Urban Garden Zaragoza

11. 71837.1.1 (2015)

Fouke AR.
41' x 69' (12m x 21m)
My first atempt at gardening

12. Meagan's garden (2015)

Thibodaux, LA
39' x 19' (12m x 6m)
Planning for the back yard.

13. volkstuin (2015)

65' x 34' (20m x 10m)
volkstuinontwerp probeersel

14. AO Garden (2015)

AO Garden
17' x 17' (5m x 5m)
Edible Raised Bed Community Garden

15. Allotment (2015)

Allotment in SE London
49' x 29' (15m x 9m)
Half plot allotment with fruit, vegetables and flowers.

16. TMJF Bed area (2015)

89' x 39' (27m x 12m)
TMJF Beds example

17. Kate & Aaron (2015)

ten by ten
14' x 14' (4m x 4m)
Katie & Aaron Garden

18. Farm to Table (2015)

Portland, OR
4' x 6' (1m x 1m)
Farm to Table Project

19. Garden (2015)

49' x 45' (15m x 14m)

20. CRAFT (2015)

64' x 59' (19m x 18m)

21. R&HK, back yard (2015)

Renton, Wa
44' x 26' (13m x 8m)
Adding a retainig wall, native garden, and rain garden.

22. Herb Garden1 (2015)

19' x 19' (6m x 6m)
For Gardeners with busy lives a Perennial Herb Wheel is the answer, fresh herbs straight from the garden with minimal maintenence. Here are 15 that are frost tolerant perennials that will grow back year after year. Most of them thrive in poor soil and need little in the way of ammendments.

23. Sara's Garden (2015)

Monmouth County, NJ
19' x 9' (6m x 3m)
Sara Shamer's 4'X8' raised bed garden

24. New Year Grow Season (2015)

Terry Ashdown Allotments, Cheltenham
69' x 33' (21m x 10m)
Main Objectives for 2015 (2nd year of growing anything ever!) :- 1. Growing 16 varieties of Squash from Heirloom and Heritage seed 2. Seed Saving 3. To further develop polytunnel growing techniques. 4. Low maintenance growing (effective weed control) 5. Record growth success and challenges in new internet blog site (to be re-styled) New 20' x 10' Polytunnel erected 5th Dec 2014. Original low cost internet 10' x 6' tunnel sold. Area of plot reclaimed. Raised beds shown on plan inside tunnel but potting station and shelving for seedlings, not shown, nor are any hanging baskets. New Tunnel will be used to continue the first year success of growing Chilli and Aubergine. Various types of Peppers will also continue, including the South American "Chocolate" Pepper. In addition, there will be Kale and salad leaves grown 365 days a year within the tunnel plus, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Cucamelons, Water Melon, delicate Squash varieties and a few other "exotics" from abroad. Sweet Potato will be attempted as well as Chinese Oca (Potato substitute) Paths are for illustrative purposes only. Most likely material will be bark or similar. Area around shed and at front and rear of tunnel is to be paving. Where Garlic, Onions, Squash and Pumpkin are growing, ground will be covered in weed stop membrane for ease of maintenance, with the produce planted through this cover. Cabbage will be netted. Net cage to go over Sweetcorn. Old water tank at window side of shed to grow carrots which will be net caged over.Dark brown areas are plot not belonging to us.

25. U Garden (2015)

Summerdale, PA
25' x 25' (7m x 7m)