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About this Garden Plan

Traditional garden, with some square foot boxes. put in some special features for looks.

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: West Jordan, Utah
Garden Size: 13' 11" x 79' 11"
Garden Type: Backyard / back garden
Garden Layout: Traditional layout - rows etc
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Garden Soil Type: Heavy / Clay soil

Plan Notes

Garden Plan

Plant List

 PlantNumberPlants per Square FootNotes
Artichoke (Globe) 11 
Asparagus 101 
Basil 44Italian Large leaf. sowed 2-12
Beans (Bush Snap) 99speedy bush beans
Beans (Fava) 99 
Beans (Lima) 99 
Broccoli 11sowed 2-12
Brussels Sprouts 11Buy plants and plant after May 1st. plant early after frost danger is gone. planted 4/12/13
Carrot 1616 
Cauliflower 11Blanch for two weeks???? thin when a few inches tall. Sowed 2-12
Cilantro 21 
Corn 44sugar buns hybred, See fertilization note on package.
Cucumber 22patio snacker hybred
Eggplant 11casper type, sow inside, six weeks before last frost.
Garlic 109 
Lettuce (Crisphead) 44Romaine lettuce, Flashy trout's back. thin when 2 or 3 leaves form.
Lettuce (Leaf) 99 
Okra 11 
Onion 1616Mustang onions plant at lower garden. Bulb onions in first box
Onions (Green) 1616Guardsman
Oregano 11 
Parsley 44plant 1 to 2 weeks before last frost, cut all but center growth for drying
Peas 88Canoe shelling type peas, Plant after last hard frost.
Potatoes (Early) 11 
Radish 1616Is essential to thin properly. plant every 10 days, spray if hole appear in leaves.
Raspberry 30 
Rosemary 11 
Spinach 99Olympia hybrid, Plant as early as possible in spring. high nitrogen fertilizer
Squash (Summer) 11Borage next to squash plants, to help bring bees for pollination. sowed 2-12
Squash (Winter) 10 
Sweet Potato 11 
Tomato (Large) 11 

Recommended Planting Times for this Location

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