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26. Garden Base C (2014)

west yorkshire
58' x 82' (17m x 25m)
this is a north east east facing plot with large trees along the right hand boundry.

27. Garden Base B (2014)

west yorkshire
66' x 82' (20m x 25m)
this is a north east east facing plot with large trees along the right hand boundry.

28. Garden Base A (2014)

west yorkshire
32' x 82' (10m x 25m)
this is a north ease east facing plot. we grow everything possible.

29. Marisol Muro (2014)

Puerta del Valle
32' x 22' (10m x 7m)
Marisol Muro

30. Bed 1 (2014)

Portland, OR
16' x 8' (5m x 2m)
Possibility for new garden

31. Vegtable Garden (2016)

Spotsylvania, VA
89' x 89' (27m x 27m)
Planning for future homesteading site.

32. Home garden (2015)

my house
19' x 19' (6m x 6m)
future garden

33. first try (2014)

West palm beach Florida
25' x 25' (7m x 7m)
Vegetable garden year round Three years of compost

34. Jim and Martha (2014)

Columbia, MO
49' x 29' (15m x 9m)
backyard garden

35. St Martins C of E Primary School Winter Plan (2014)

Owsten Ferry
42' x 9' (13m x 3m)
The vegetable growing plan for winter @ St Martins C 0f E Primary School.

36. Plover Winter Plan (2014)

Plover C of E Primary School
39' x 9' (12m x 3m)
The Winter Garden Plan for Plover C of E Primary School in Doncaster.

37. Plot 13 + Added Bonus % (2015)

Spital Fam, Banbury, oxon
69' x 24' (21m x 7m)
This plan presumes planned additional plot space happens....

38. Jarid Plan (2014)
49' x 29' (15m x 9m)

39. H20 - Large Greenhouse - Hydroponics (2014)

Johannesburg, South Africa
10' x 18' (3m x 5m)
I have a greenhouse fitted with 2 x 18 pot and 1 x 9 pot hydroponic systems.

40. Main Garden (2014)

17' x 13' (5m x 4m)
My Winter Garden

41. Lower Yard Plan (2014)

Los Angeles, CA
69' x 49' (21m x 15m)
Projected new garden space in the lower yard. Some measurements not exact, namely the retaining walls and their arcs. Perimeters are exact. Slight overall slope from the SE to the NW.

42. The Escalante (2014)

Garden at the Hotel Escalante
89' x 20' (27m x 6m)
Organic Veggies and Herbs for The Veranda

43. Allotment (2014)

Chorley, Lancashire, UK
30' x 59' (9m x 18m)
Allotment plot plans. May change to all raised beds if there are drainage problems.

44. midleton community garden (2015)

82' x 59' (25m x 18m)

45. matts garden (2014)
41' x 24' (12m x 7m)

46. gARDEN (2014)

Lake Dalrymple
28' x 17' (8m x 5m)
Companion Garden

47. Eastern Flat (2014)

Eastern Flat
93' x 64' (28m x 19m)
Eastern Flat

48. all (2015)

Abbots Langley, Herts, UK
85' x 45' (26m x 14m)
Plans for Allotment, Back Garden and Green Houses

49. Small perennial permaculture plot (2015)

North of England.
29' x 29' (9m x 9m)
Permaculture Garden all planting is perennial and minimal maintenence. All produce can be stored and frozen for the winter. Once planted this small garden will produce year after year. Blueberries are planted in ericaceous compost in pots.

50. Garden (2014)

19' x 26' (6m x 8m)
Backyard Garden