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26. Nanna Anna's Garden (2015)

Atlanta, GA
39' x 49' (12m x 15m)
Feeding Neighbors first free food garden named Nanna Anna's Garden in Atlanta, GA

27. 53 x 8 Garden Plan (2015)

53 x 8 Texas Garden
7' x 52' (2m x 16m)
I'm claiming 8 feet of yard in my subdivision for a raised bed garden. Growing herbs, vegetables and fruit. Experimenting with a worm bin for compost and growing watermelon in a straw bale. Plenty of room for a compost bid at the back.

28. garden (2014)

the burgh
29' x 29' (9m x 9m)

29. Penge Garden (2015)

SE London
39' x 26' (12m x 8m)
Allotment garden with cutting patch for fresh flowers

30. Jacobs (2015)

27' x 33' (8m x 10m)

31. front garden (2015)

108 Mile Ranch BC
43' x 45' (13m x 13m)
Front Garden

32. Eco-Hub Grow Space Plan (2015)

Lancaster University Eco-Hub
93' x 93' (28m x 28m)
Garden and growing project run by Green Lancaster and Lancaster University students.

33. Pattonville Youth Garden (2015)

Pattonville Youth Garden
63' x 63' (19m x 19m)
Pattonville Youth Garden's 2015 Plan - Four Year Clockwise Rotation

34. Matt's Allotment (2015)

Symmons Hill Allotment
32' x 93' (10m x 28m)

35. Back Garden Area (2015)

Mankato, MN
24' x 39' (7m x 12m)
Backyard Garden

36. jjc hort 100 (2015)

Mascote Residential
39' x 29' (12m x 9m)
Hort 100

37. Camp Onomia Youth Garden (2015)

Onamia, MN
29' x 29' (9m x 9m)
Camp Onomia Youth Garden Plans

38. upbeet (2015)

65' x 91' (20m x 28m)

39. Backyardin' Garden (2015)

winston-salem, nc
57' x 49' (17m x 15m)

40. KG2 (2015)

34' x 79' (10m x 24m)
KG Roots 2015

41. HORT 100 (2015)
19' x 19' (6m x 6m)
Hort 100 garden plan

42. zeshoek voorbeeldtuin MijnStadstuin (2015)

MijnStadstuin Amsterdam
29' x 29' (9m x 9m)
MijnStadstuin is 4 hectare innovatieve moestuin waar je zelf je eigen biologische groenten kunt (laten) verbouwen of afhalen. Waar van alles te beleven valt. Een moestuin van alle gemakken voorzien, zowel online als offline. Groenten nieuwe stijl noemen wij dat. Bij MijnStadstuin worden alle zintuigen geprikkeld. Voel de verse aarde, ruik de natuur, de kruiden en groente, hoor de vogels fluiten, zie hoe alles groeit en bloeit en proef hoe écht eten smaakt.

43. Carrot trials #2 (2015)

Leeward Community College
23' x 53' (7m x 16m)
Carrot Trials done by Aaron Pila, Brandis Garcia, Dr. Daniela Dutra Elliot, and Kelly Brennan at Leeward Community College

44. Chicken Garden (2015)

Southwest Ohio
49' x 69' (15m x 21m)
My dream "chicken garden." This will be the first year. Plan to expand my flock later, so will be expanding this. Plan is meant to keep 30+ standard chickens. In the future, I hope to have several areas fenced with a variety of garden allowing me to open up and expand their range during various seasons. They will already have access to a 50'x70' vegetable garden during most Fall/Winter.

45. Julie Stevenson (2015)

59' x 79' (18m x 24m)

46. Silverman (2015)

42' x 25' (12m x 7m)

47. New Veg Garden (2015)

Vegetable Garden 2015
69' x 69' (21m x 21m)
This is the plan as of December. I was gifted a whole bunch of barn siding that I am hoping to use for most of the raised beds. I'm still trying to figure-out the best method of sealing the wood and remaining "organic." Other beds will be purchased, but I am hoping to keep that at a minimum. Also plan to adjust this for more "companion planting" as I learn what I am doing.

48. Schott (2015)

35' x 19' (10m x 6m)

49. Fedele (2015)

50' x 30' (15m x 9m)

50. test plan Fern Str spring (2015)

Olympia, Washington
60' x 59' (18m x 18m)
basic apartment complex, small planting area