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26. Christy (2014)

St David
21' x 13' (6m x 4m)
My Baby Girl

27. Allotment - full plot (2014)

32' x 82' (10m x 25m)
Allotment plan with mini-orchard and pollinators and three sisters patch

28. West 117 Alot new start 14 (2014)

New Bradwell
37' x 27' (11m x 8m)
A good mix for me as it a years food for me to pick and or freez. mix in is some flowers to help with the vegs. This will be the 1st yesr for this 1/2 Allotment after down sizeing from full size one still lots to do. Will be doing update on my you tube ch wood on the cheap CH as i can.

29. Community Garden Plot 1 (2014)

Community Garden - Plot 1
4' x 20' (1m x 6m)
Garden Plot 1 (Mostly fall harvest plants).

30. Backyard Organic Vegetable Garden (2014)

Champaign, IL
27' x 13' (8m x 4m)
Organic Garden, using No-Till beds in the center. The outer 2 feet, sod was removed and then news paper was laid down, moistened and compost was added to each hole with plant. Mulch was put on top. News Paper = end roll from news gazette. Compost from local horse farmer who composts waste. Worm bins provide compost tea to be added to and fertilize the plants organically. Marigolds help prevent Rabbits from eating all of produce. Lavendar to cut down on ground dwelling spider population.

31. Main Backyard Garden (2014)

Backyard Corner
43' x 18' (13m x 5m)
New Square Foot Garden Bed, sprouting seedlings, some ready to plant Easter Sunday.

32. Beckers (2014)

47' x 15' (14m x 4m)
vegetable garden

33. Jackson Center Garden (2014)

My Garden 2014
23' x 17' (7m x 5m)
My project this summer.

34. Raised Bed 2A (2014)

Community Garden
4' x 4' (1m x 1m)
Raised Bed 2A

35. Raised Bed 1A (2014)

4' x 4' (1m x 1m)
Raised Bed Garden 1A

36. Vernon (2014)

Decatur IL
19' x 9' (6m x 3m)
2014 S.V. Garden

37. Honey Creek (2014)

Honey Creek
29' x 24' (9m x 7m)
Berry/Vegetable garden

38. Debs Garden (2014)

S. California Desert
50' x 58' (15m x 17m)
2nd year, attempt at gardening.

39. Daniel's Allotment (2014)

56' x 21' (17m x 6m)
My plan for my allotment.

40. Patio (2014)

Patio showing the new range of garden objects
38' x 29' (11m x 9m)
A patio plan showing a few of the new containers available with the online Garden Planner from

41. West Deck (2014)

West side of house
44' x 9' (13m x 3m)
Self watering containers.

42. Veg 3.0 (2014)

St. Paul, MN
40' x 40' (12m x 12m)
Raised bed hillside vegetable garden Option 1: 4 beds (left) Option 2: 3 beds (right)

43. Moriellp (2014)

Morelli, Manalapan
34' x 17' (10m x 5m)
Raised bed garden Designed by Oasis Backyard Farms

44. Single Box Plan (2014)

Crownsville, MD
3' x 7' (1m x 2m)
This is my first attempt at Square Foot Gardening. I have a total of 32 square feet, in which I have planted 23 seperate varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Every item was planted from open polinated, organically derived seeds. I used a three part mixture of top soil, leaf grow, and horse maneur to a depth of 12 inches.

45. Kitchen Garden (2014)

Parker Colorado
49' x 39' (15m x 12m)
My garden plan 2014

46. Dan's Farm (2014)

Parents Backyard
59' x 24' (18m x 7m)

47. Small (2014)

Barnesville, PA
19' x 29' (6m x 9m)

48. beefs/spoon&ladle (2014)

McCluney Manor
19' x 49' (6m x 15m)
McCluney/Todd Garden of delight. A place to watch mother nature grow while sipping on a cocktail or two!

49. Farm Garden (2013)

The Farm Vegetable Garden
21' x 31' (6m x 9m)
The Farm 2013 Vegetable Garden

50. North-east gate (2014)

36' x 12' (11m x 3m)
Mom, what do you think of this for part of my garden?