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26. jean's Garden (2015)

11' x 24' (3m x 7m)
12 x 25 300 sq ft

27. Propagation area (2015)

Oasis Farm Waterloo - propagation area
39' x 39' (12m x 12m)
(draft) Layout of table, cold frame, planters & poly tunnel

28. Stonehouse Farm Main Garden (2015)

3719 Suydam Road, Paw Paw, IL, 60518
92' x 74' (28m x 22m)
This is the main garden at Stonehouse Farm, which includes mostly vegetables laid out in a permaculture design fashion.

29. Azalea Farms Kitchen Garden (2015)

29' x 45' (9m x 14m)
My Kitchen Garden

30. Universidad Santander (2015)

Universidad Santander
13' x 19' (4m x 6m)
Muro verde

31. Randi Geffner Summer (2015)

14 girard pl maplewood nj 07040
19' x 19' (6m x 6m)

32. Hoop House SummerPlanting (2015)

Hazen, NV
29' x 69' (9m x 21m)
Borges Hoop House Summer 2015

33. Back Yard Garden (2015)

Middleboro MA
29' x 69' (9m x 21m)
First Garden-Brian And Amber Costa

34. Greenhouse (2015)

16' x 16' (5m x 5m)

35. Our First Garden! (2015)

Community Garden at hospital
9' x 14' (3m x 4m)
This is our very first garden! Located in a community garden at a local hospital. Our hope is to help Mother Nature and the honey bees while growing food to help the community and to improve our diets with homegrown vegetables. And let's not forget about playing in the dirt! Childhood dreams turned into a little piece of reality. This is for the honey bees!!!! Please come back! Please feel free to comment and let us know how to improve this. Initial posting is rough draft. Thank you!

36. Klinck Draft Garden Plan (2015)

Ithaca NY
16' x 20' (5m x 6m)
This small suburban garden packs in many vegetables, herbs, and flowers intoo raised beds to add beauty and bounty to the backyard.

37. Garden Beds (2015)

Veggie Garden Beds
3' x 16' (1m x 5m)
2 raised garden beds

38. Vegetable Garden (2015)

Woodridge, IL
19' x 3' (6m x 1m)
Vegetable Garden

39. Dirt Boxes (2015)

Scott & Aubrey's backyard
19' x 9' (6m x 3m)
Backyard dirt boxes 2015. Scaled back the square foot garden this year, focused only on plants we really want.

40. expansion 5 (2015)

Monroe Middle school expansion
79' x 39' (24m x 12m)
MMS garden expansion

41. Veggie Garden (2015)

Mason, NH
74' x 31' (22m x 9m)
Twin Haven's Veggie Garden

42. brillante garden (2015)

10' x 25' (3m x 7m)

43. Hobbit House Vegetable Garden - Actual (2015)

Agassiz, BC
27' x 11' (8m x 3m)
Hobbit House Actual

44. show andrew (2015)

19' x 11' (6m x 3m)
Front Planters

45. Crist Vegeteble Garden (2015)

Sarver, PA
27' x 33' (8m x 10m)
This is the 7th year of the Crist vegeteble garden. We get a little better every year!! Love it

46. expansion i (2015)

2015 mms expansion may16
79' x 39' (24m x 12m)
New garden expansion

47. Barn vegetable garden (2015)

Earlysville, VA
9' x 19' (3m x 6m)
First vegetable garden

48. Chesnut Centre Garden (2015)

Chesnut Centre
26' x 13' (8m x 4m)
Ideas for fruit and veg garden for a play group

49. MCC Plots (2015)

MCC Community Garden Plots
3' x 11' (1m x 3m)
Mike and Ale's Summer Veggie Garden :)

50. AMHS Food Bank Garden (fall/wint)b (2015)

Auburn, WA
99' x 74' (30m x 22m)
Drop out prevention/FFA Food bank garden