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26. 57A v1 (2016)

43' x 26' (13m x 8m)
Allotment. Half plot approx 44ft x 27ft, no shade, south is to right side of plan. Paths outlined in grey. Shed alongside compost bins.

27. Crystal's 2nd Plan (2016)

Our backyard
34' x 29' (10m x 9m)
Salad garden

28. Backyard (2016)

Hillsboro, Oregon
43' x 36' (13m x 11m)
My backyard

29. Riccio (2016)

33' x 18' (10m x 5m)

30. Esemplare (2016)

29' x 17' (9m x 5m)

31. North Star Farm & Ranch (2016)

Kalispell, MT
74' x 32' (22m x 10m)
Tentative garden plan 2016

32. Back Yard, Year One (2016)

Olympia, WA
24' x 24' (7m x 7m)
25' x 25' veggie garden in my back yard

33. Garden1 (2016)

3' x 11' (1m x 3m)
First try...

34. New Beginning (2016)

Chilton, TX
59' x 59' (18m x 18m)
The new beginning. House garden for family of 3.

35. Lotty (2016)

75' x 35' (22m x 10m)
Allotment plant

36. 20x24 (2016)

Norman, Oklahoma
19' x 23' (6m x 7m)
First ear garden. 24' by 20'

37. garden plan (2016)

39' x 24' (12m x 7m)
my garden

38. Oliver Garden (2016)

21' x 21' (6m x 6m)
2015 was my first garden ever so this is my first time planning a garden with the Garden Planner for 2016. Going to make better use of the space and plant some new items this year, more quantity, and more varieties.

39. Backyard Garden (2016)

Citrus Heights, CA
27' x 23' (8m x 7m)
Our first backyard garden

40. Slanty Shanty (2016)

East Van
61' x 30' (18m x 9m)
@ The Slanty Shanty

41. Vegetable Garden (2016)

Grand Ledge, MI
31' x 21' (9m x 6m)
Back yard vegetable garden

42. Main Garden (2016)

Stapleton Al
92' x 52' (28m x 16m)
Main Productive Garden!

43. First Plan (2016)

Magnolia, Texas
55' x 35' (16m x 10m)
Just a couple of raised beds to start.

44. Thornton/Roemer (2016)

42' x 35' (12m x 10m)

45. BCE Garden (2016)

Bluff Creek Elementary School
61' x 27' (18m x 8m)
Bluff Creek Elementary School garden - learning in the sunshine!

46. Nicola's First (2016)

Circleville Ohio
90' x 39' (27m x 12m)
This is a small kitchen garden planting in this, the first spring in our new house! We're trying a small few of all our favourites to see what does well and start building up the rather poor quality soil. We're also building the compost for the first time, so a lot of this will find its way there, no doubt to reinforce the soil all the better come fall and next year. Ideally this will provide for most of our produce needs for our two person family, with enough for some canning, freezing, and preserving ready for winter.

47. Harding (2016)

Side of Pool
41' x 7' (12m x 2m)
2 4'x18' beds

48. Donna's Farmtown (2016)

19' x 23' (6m x 7m)
average back yard garden for fun and relaxation

49. Our first garden (2016)

Rector, AR
57' x 57' (17m x 17m)
Our first garden

50. Familly Garden (2016)

Western Nebraska
20' x 34' (6m x 10m)
Crop rotation from 2015 garden