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26. Wlodarczyk (2013)

23' x 17' (7m x 5m)

27. Fall (2014)

19' x 29' (6m x 9m)
Fall Garden

28. Be (2014)

Bonugli Garden
21' x 8' (6m x 2m)
Zack's first garden in Mount Tabor, NJ (2014)

29. Volkstuin (2014)

32' x 49' (10m x 15m)
De eerste opzet voor tuin 2015! Binnenkort gaan we aan de slag met het leggen van het terrras en de paadjes. Vervolgns mogen van het najaar de vaste planten hun nieuwe plekje krijgen en de fruitbomen zijn dan welkom

30. Urban Farmstead (2014)

New Orleans, LA
47' x 71' (14m x 21m)
Urban Farmstead Fall plan. Greens greens greens.

31. House (2014)

Kyle, Texas
59' x 57' (18m x 17m)
Check it out.

32. East-West Garden (2014)

Harrisburg, PA
29' x 29' (9m x 9m)
Garden oriented toward sun

33. Ma. José Sariñana (2014)

26' x 32' (8m x 10m)
Jardín de vegetales

34. Plot 14 Allotment (2015)

56' x 21' (17m x 6m)
Plot 14 Layout

35. June Layout (2014)

850 Sixth Avenue South, Ste 400 Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
93' x 43' (28m x 13m)
Grace Garden - BEAM

36. Allotment (2014)

Elizabeth road allotment
36' x 91' (11m x 28m)
1st year of allotment

37. Yan garden (2015)

Yeniciftlik, TURKEY
32' x 72' (10m x 21m)
Northwest-Southeast garden with companion plants.

38. Full Garden Plan (2014)

Little Elm, TX
17' x 12' (5m x 3m)
Full Backyard rough draft. Honeysuckle substituted for Misc. Flowers

39. Small Fruit Orchard - TBG OSU (2014)

Stillwater, OK
26' x 80' (8m x 24m)
OSU Botanical Garden - Small Fruit Orchard

40. zarunah (2014)

36' x 33' (11m x 10m)
the plan for the allotment for next year

41. Partridge Garden Plan (2014)

Ridgeland, MS
39' x 39' (12m x 12m)
A backyard raised bed garden including a mix of summer vegetables and herbs.

42. Sa Dana - Bancales (2014)

Sa Dana, Llucasaldent, Alaior
32' x 49' (10m x 15m)
Primeres aventures!

43. LA HUERTA (FALL) (2014)

31' x 42' (9m x 13m)
Fall Vegetable Garden

44. allotment 1 (2014)

29' x 92' (9m x 28m)

45. Big Garden (2014)

Chesterfield, VA
74' x 74' (22m x 22m)
Large Family Garden

46. Chicken Coop (2014)

My Back Yard
69' x 44' (21m x 13m)
Deluxe Chicken Coop Plan. Probably never going to happen.

47. Veg 2014 / 2015 (2014)

Johannesburg Gauteng
52' x 24' (16m x 7m)
Vegetable garden. 4 years old. Only organic sea weed fertiliser and worm tea used. Make compost which is used in veg beds , lawn and rest of garden. Insects, birds and bees encouraged, tend to use trap crops and flowers instead of sprays. Veg beds covered in frost guard during winter months. Have a rain water harvesting system which waters the veg beds using a timmed sprinkler system

48. Waupoos Garden (2014)

Waupoos Garden
44' x 19' (13m x 6m)
Our updated garden and harvesting dates :)

49. GEOPOT 1 (2014)

Eagle Rock, California
3' x 3' (1m x 1m)
This is a raised garden in a GEOPOT with Mel's Mix...the goal being to eventually create a community food exchange with other backyard gardeners in the neighborhood...

50. Plover 1st Growing Plan (2014)

42' x 16' (13m x 5m)
Take a look at Plover Primary Schools planting plan for this Summer - Autumn.