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26. Veg Garden (2016)

garden plan 2016
35' x 23' (10m x 7m)
Backyard vegetable garden plan for full sun zone 5-6

27. Dream Garden (2016)

30' x 55' (9m x 17m)
Bigger garden next year???

28. Garden (2016)

Willamette Valley
29' x 27' (9m x 8m)
Our home garden

29. Project Narnia (2015)

Pleasant Grove, UT
14' x 14' (4m x 4m)
Everything in containers! Lots of flowers, with veggies in between.

30. Barn Chicken Garden (2015)

39' x 59' (12m x 18m)
This Garden plan is for outside the barn

31. Alvarez (2015)

29' x 17' (9m x 5m)

32. Fenced Garden Bed (2015)

McHenry County, IL USA
34' x 24' (10m x 7m)
Small garden plot that already had perennial mint and oregano growing in it when we bought the house. Adding other perennials next year to this plot and starting a much larger plow for row crops with the tractor.

33. Guinivere Garden (2016)

Mapleton, Illinois
29' x 19' (9m x 6m)
Raised Bed 30' x 25'

34. Allotment (2015)

27' x 31' (8m x 9m)
Our veggie patch

35. Muro Verde (2015)

Santa Teresita
16' x 13' (5m x 4m)
Muro Verde

36. camano (2016)

25' x 21' (7m x 6m)
25x25 mix of raised beds and ground. First draft

37. Boulder (2016)

Boulder 2016 revamp
19' x 19' (6m x 6m)
Boulder 2016 revamp Plant lettuce early to edge of watermelon mounds & near cantalopes. Plant West row of beans. Plant East row of bean 2.5 weeks later. Pull lettuce when bolts - more room for watermelons & cantalopes. Pull West row of beans pretty early - more room for watermelons. Trellis Petit Gris De Rennes & Charentais. Plant 2-3 rows of peas. Pull peas when done to allow sun for melons. Plant more carrots when radishes done. Drag driplines around as needed.

38. allotment (2015)

24' x 34' (7m x 10m)
Allotment 2015

39. front yard (2016)

roanoke va
40' x 20' (12m x 6m)
my front yard idea for next year..

40. jims cycle 1 (2016)

doncaster jim cyle 1
85' x 64' (26m x 19m)
allotment watch house

41. Brown Family Garden (2016)

Duxbury, MA
31' x 30' (9m x 9m)
Brown Family Garden

42. Marco Arturo (2015)

19' x 42' (6m x 13m)
Marco Arturo

43. Barnett (2015)

30' x 17' (9m x 5m)

44. Cam and Ryan (2015)

Collingwood, ON
11' x 7' (3m x 2m)
Veggies for Cammy.

45. Joshua Academy Community Garden (2015)

Global River
75' x 50' (23m x 15m)

46. high street (2015)
39' x 17' (12m x 5m)
square foot style front vegetable garden

47. My First Garden (2015)

6' x 10' (1m x 3m)
Number one

48. Garden@Case (2015)

54' x 54' (16m x 16m)
Garden@Case is run by faculty, staff, and students of Case Western Reserve University. Plants and expertise are provided by Case Farm and Summer Sprouts.

49. Late Summer Garden (2015)

11' x 11' (3m x 3m)
Late Start this year!

50. GARDEN (2015)

Ray, MI
68' x 23' (21m x 7m)
I use a combination of raised beds, and the square foot garden concept. Most of my beds instead of being traditionally raised, are ground level with the paths having been dug out 8-10 inches, and filled with a #2 bark mulch.