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26. ANA ASHIDA (2015)

22' x 22' (7m x 7m)

27. Joe's Brooklyn Garden (2015)

20' x 10' (6m x 3m)
Joe's Brooklyn Garden

28. Fall (2015)

Pecan Creek Ranch
70' x 49' (21m x 15m)
Fe's Best fall Garden EVER

29. 22A (2015)

29' x 65' (9m x 20m)
this will be my first year of growing as since I took on the plot in April i just dug a bit and planted. the shed and compost bins will be new the baths were already there just reposoitioned to make the most of the space.

30. Edible Front Yard (2016)

Randolph, MA
92' x 34' (28m x 10m)
Front Yard Edible Garden and Landscaping....Continuation from 2014+15 beginnings

31. Fran's Allotment (2016)

West London
22' x 39' (7m x 12m)
12m x 7m Allotment

32. Fall Garden (2015)

Washington, DC
3' x 3' (1m x 1m)
Fall Square Foot Garden.

33. Oxley College Spring Summer 2015-2016 (2015)

Oxley College Kitchen Garden Spring/Summer 2015
39' x 78' (12m x 24m)
The Oxley College Kitchen Garden contains 5 6m x 1m raised beds and a ground hight bed for spreading plants.

34. September (2015)

Scottsdale, Arizona
23' x 5' (7m x 1m)
My Plot is in a community garden. South Scottsdale Community Garden.

35. GARDEN (2016)

89' x 19' (27m x 6m)

36. Horta Cris (2015)

Cris house
42' x 17' (12m x 5m)
Mini hortinha em Itanhaem

37. hh (2016)

Shelton, WA
84' x 59' (25m x 18m)
This is my gazrden plan for 2016.

38. Instar (2015)

Instar Farm
49' x 29' (15m x 9m)
My first Fall Planting: Fall Green Manure, Cauliflower, Garlic, Onion, Carrots, and Lettuces.

39. Vegetable Garden (2015)

24' x 29' (7m x 9m)
fruit, vegetable and herb garden

40. fall (2015)

31' x 44' (9m x 13m)
test garden

41. Plot 30W - Winter (2015)

Plot 30W
26' x 43' (8m x 13m)
Winter Plan

42. Spring-Summer (2016)

65' x 60' (20m x 18m)
Back garden

43. Autum-Winter (2015)

65' x 60' (20m x 18m)
Back garden

44. Garden Plan 1 (2015)

Commerce, GA
59' x 29' (18m x 9m)
60x30 concentrated/intense gardening

45. OtterWellWood Allotment (2016)

Offwell, Honiton, Devon, UK.
85' x 65' (26m x 20m)
OtterWellWood is a community gardening group, based near Offwell, Honiton, Devon. Our allotment is run by its' members, in a friendly and peaceful setting. We grow vegetables, salad, fruit, herbs and flowers. Contact us at:

46. Beginner (2015)

North Fork, LI
9' x 3' (3m x 1m)
I am a beginner planning a garden to plant in 2016.

47. english garden (2015)

Portland, OR
17' x 25' (5m x 7m)
A garden of all my favorites!

48. Fall Addition (2015)

East Yard
9' x 23' (3m x 7m)
Fall garden experiment. Rows wide enough to use hand tiller.

49. fall CenTx (2015)

Central Texas
45' x 44' (13m x 13m)
On our way to sustainable.

50. the plot (2015)

The plot
41' x 65' (12m x 20m)
OUr allotment - publishing this for the friends who are looking after it while we are away