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26. HRHS Garden Plans (2014)
27' x 17' (8m x 5m)
Chloe Wiley- Big Garden Plan

27. Raised Bed Garden (2014)
4' x 7' (1m x 2m)
Mackenzie- Raised Bed Garden Plan

28. dwac garden (2014)

harrisburg nc
27' x 17' (8m x 5m)
dakotas garden

29. Luke (2014)
27' x 17' (8m x 5m)
large garden Luke Trivette

30. raised bed garden (2014)

4' x 7' (1m x 2m)

31. hrhs big garden (2014)

27' x 17' (8m x 5m)
class garden

32. Ben Tipton (2014)
27' x 17' (8m x 5m)
Big Garden

33. Raised Bed Garden (2014)

HRHS Raised Bed
4' x 7' (1m x 2m)
This is Deborah's and Abbie's raised bed garden plan.

34. Raised Bed (2014)

HRHS raised bed
4' x 7' (1m x 2m)
Deborah's and Abbie's raised bed

35. Secret Garden (2014)

59' x 89' (18m x 27m)
The Secret Garden

36. Livada experimentala RBF (2014)

74' x 61' (22m x 18m)
Livada experimentala de meri

37. Frodos Patch (2014)

East Sussex
9' x 16' (3m x 5m)
Vegetable Garden

38. Holmes (2014)

Peyton, Colorado
49' x 49' (15m x 15m)
50' x 50' Vegetable Garden

39. Homestead (2014)

Waterville, IA
51' x 31' (15m x 9m)
Home Garden

40. Spring Salad Garden (2014)

24' x 6' (7m x 2m)
The cucumber I plan on leting grown off the corner of the raised bed into the area next to it, near the artichokes. I like leeks. The Herbs are in pots. Fennell is in pots.

41. My Community Garden (2014)
3' x 11' (1m x 3m)
Terri's Garden (and when the strawberries, radishes, and spring lettuce are harvested, the tomatoes and cucumbers will be planted.

42. Family Garden (2014)

Kelly Family Garden 2014
11' x 11' (3m x 3m)
Shared family garden with our favorite veggies and heirloom tomatoes!

43. Backyard (2014)

74' x 23' (22m x 7m)

44. Wildbunch Garden (2014)

Fiddletown, CA
19' x 45' (6m x 13m)
Planted June 16th -18th. The Wildbunch Garden includes corn for Ronn (becuase he likes to watch it grow but somehow we never harvest it). Peppers for canning and Christmas gifts. Lots of Tomatos and peppers for salsa. Strawberry and Edamame for Miss Bay. Beets for iron. Melons for Jonny. Sunflowers for Michael. Eggplant in memory of Kalib (the last time I saw him he was proud of his egg plant and I thought he was CRAZY). Potato towers for Grandpa Jon :) Marigolds because I have been told they deter deer. Pumpkins for Halloween and lots of beans. Wish us luck!!!!! and come help weed and harvest anytime you like :)

45. Raised Beds (2014)

Westport, MA
10' x 15' (3m x 4m)
Raised Beds

46. Zirn (2014)

13' x 9' (4m x 3m)

47. Billy Side Yard (2014)

Westport, MA
6' x 11' (2m x 3m)
Side Yard

48. Our Garden (2014)

Wyatt's and Felisia's Garden
39' x 23' (12m x 7m)
Our Garden Concept

49. Attempt #1 (2014)

Barriere, BC
15' x 23' (4m x 7m)
We have designed a garden with a mix of square foot gardening and some flat pallets for our lettuces :)

50. gidgets garden (2014)

8' x 23' (2m x 7m)
Gidgets garden